Financial Planners ◊ Attorneys

Equip your clients with the information they need to better understand and discuss their end-of-life medical choices and complete Oregon’s Advance Directive with confidence.

The Advance Directive DVD and KEYConversations™ Planning Guide will help your clients overcome common barriers many people face when completing their Advance Directive.
The Advance Directive DVD is only 10 minutes long and can be easily viewed in your office. Clients can take home a copy of the KEYConversations™ Planning Guide to complete in the comfort of their own home. Your client can then return for a follow-up appointment to review their completed Advance Directive and discuss any questions they may have.


Advance Directive DVD
A picture is worth a thousand words. The Advance Directive DVD guides individuals and their families through the process of starting a conversation regarding end-of-life decisions, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete Oregon’s Advance Directive. The DVD is designed to accompany the KEYConversations™ Planning Guide and helps to standardize your client education practices.
 Advance Directive with the KEYConversations™ Planning Guide
The KEYConversations™ Planning Guide is divided into three sections,
making completion of the Advance Directive as simple as possible.
Step 1: Conversation Starter
Provides true life medical stories, definitions and discussion questions to
help start the conversation.
Step 2: Individual Worksheet
Asks detailed questions to help people think through their choices, express
what quality of life means to them and make informed decisions.
Step 3: Oregon’s Legal Form – the Advance Directive
Schedule an Advance Directive Training Today!
Contact Amy Veatch, Director of KEYConversations™,to arrange a tailored training to meet your needs. You will learn the best practices in order to utilize the KEYConversations™ materials, as well as how to answer the questions that stump the best of us.
The training includes a starter kit of materials with the KEYConversations™ Planning Guides, an Advance Directive DVD and a public viewing license.

Businesses ◊ Employers

As advocates of health and wellness, you can help provide peace of mind for your employees and their families by taking an active role in promoting Advance Directive education.
Employee Brown Bag Workshop
Oregon Health Decisions will come to your business for an Employee Brown Bag Workshop to present information on Oregon’s Advance Directive. Your employees will learn why the Advance Directive is important and have the opportunity to get their questions answered. Each employee will receive a complimentary copy of Oregon’s Advance Directive.
Schedule an Employee Brown Bag Workshop Today!
Contact Amy Veatch, Director of KEYConversations™  to arrange a workshop that fits your needs.