KEYConversations™ is a program of Oregon Health Decisions that provides Advance Directive Trainings and educational resources to health care organizations and other professionals. Healthcare providers have an important role in providing Advance Directive education for their patients. We are here to help you get started!

Oregon Health Decisions can provide your organization with the information and training needed to fulfill your legal requirements per the Oregon State Statute (ORS 127) as well as your responsibility to provide education. With successful implementation of the KEYConversations™ program health care organizations and providers will see:
• Increased number of Oregonians with an effective Advance Directive
• Improved end-of-life care for Oregonians
• Increased comfort for loved ones discussing end-of-life issues
• Improved communication between patients and health care providers
• More effective use of health care resources
• More effective use of hospital resources
• Increased awareness of Advance Directives and their importance in directing an individual’s end-of-life care

Key Conversations Trainings

GOALS OF THE KEYConversations™ Program

• Provide individuals and families with the tools and motivation to understand and discuss the types of end-of-life medical care they
would want before a crisis, and put their wishes in writing
• Improve processes within health care organizations to record and track Advance Directive information so patient’s wishes are followed
• Train and educate professionals that are already involved in Advance Directive education
• Educate the community and raise awareness about the importance of Advance Directives
To learn more about what Oregon Health Decisions can do for you, please contact Oregon Health Decisions at (503) 692-0894 or (800) 422-4805