Community Workshops

Get the tools you need to start a conversation with your loved ones and complete your Advance Directive.

Imagine for a moment . . .
You have been admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening illness. You are unconscious – completely unaware of what is going on around you. Doctors say you may never regain consciousness, but you can be kept alive indefinitely by a breathing machine. Who would make this decision on your behalf? Would they know what you wanted?

Don’t let this happen to your family
Those who have faced this situation will tell you how stressful it was, and how they wished they had known what their loved ones wanted. Even years later, many say they still wonder whether their choices were the “right” ones.

Attend a workshop
Learn about Oregon’s Advance Directive, why it is important, and what you need to know:

• Talk with your loved ones about end-of-life decisions
• Better understand the medical decisions you may face
• Complete Oregon’s legal form – the Advance Directive
• Get your questions answered by a trained facilitator

Talk with your loved ones
When you talk about end-of-life wishes with your loved ones, you’re truly giving them a gift – a gift of understanding that will bring them peace in years to come. It’s not easy, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for the people you love.